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Looking for fics to read
by waterlight_5 (waterlight_5)
at November 24th, 2013 (02:48 am)

Hello! I'm new here and I'd like to start by asking for some fics recomendations.
I am looking for a story that keeps the esense and mood of the show/manga and still manages to include the Mello x Near pairing in it in a believable way,it's not necesary for it to follow the canon,though AU that defer too much from it don't interest me(ex:death note in highst school and such),but I'm fine with a "what if situaton" (ex:Mello agrees to be Near's partner like L wanted).
Also,although I'm asking for them as a pairing,if you know of some none romantic story that has them interacting in an interesting way/forming a bond let me know as well.
I would prefer complete works but you can recommend unfinished ones as well,just let know of it please so I'll leave them for later.

I'm aware what I am asking for it's not an easy to write fic but I want to believe that being this fandom so big there must be some out there,so far I seem to find mostly fluff fiction,I like that but personally I can't imagine this two acting that way while keeping a close to the canon character...
as reference,one doujin game called DNA poisoned is very close to what I'd like to read.

thanks in advance! (=

by Ayase Hotaru / Honey (kuroyurie)
at November 11th, 2012 (07:00 pm)

current mood: energetic
current song: "That Ain't Cool" - Koda Kumi feat. Fergie

I created a little MeroNia fan art and took a very bad photo of the picture. ;;;;;;;
I still hope you like it. >o<♥

Click here to see it

fic: we were fated to pretend
by loversdrown (loversdrown)
at September 25th, 2012 (01:25 am)

title: we were fated to pretend
pairing: mello/near
warnings: character death
count: 170 words
summary: how to get over the love of your life. hint: you don't.

read more / or on ao3?

Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! [userpic]
Mello x Near Fans!!!
by Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! (kinky_carter)
at July 2nd, 2012 (10:13 am)

For the fans!!!


danderdiff [userpic]
Dear Mello Love Near
by danderdiff (danderdiff)
at March 22nd, 2012 (01:59 am)

Title: Dear Mello Love Near
Author: Danderdiff
Categories: Tragedy, Romance
Rating: R for Dark themes, Sexual Content
Disclaimers: I do not own Death Note. I did this for fun.
You are probably going to wonder what Thomas Mann illusions are doing in your fan fiction. Also I beefed up Mello's religiosity, I thought it would add more conflict.
Word Count: 4,182

"He who loves the more is the inferior and must suffer.” -Thomas Mann

hi. this is a fic search.
by yes (hellissohotrn)
at January 10th, 2012 (10:38 pm)

x-posted to mxn_lj.

uh hi. looking for a fic in which near is terrible at essays, and he has to write one about shapes. i think the setting was the library and he did the essay in the end. i read this fic ages ago, so i think i might have gotten the next bit wrong but mello is great at essays and near is jealous of him for it, and he reluctantly asks him for his help to write the essay which is due in a day or so.

anyone know the fic?

eta: found it! essay day.

Rabbit [userpic]
fanart ~ Near
by Rabbit (thepinkrabbit)
at January 4th, 2011 (05:58 pm)

artist: thepinkrabbit
media: PSCS3
fandom: Death Note
characters / pairing: Near
rating: n/a
warnings: none
notes: You've got to hide your love away...
disclaimer: Death Note is not mine. don't sue, plz.

CLICK to view...

Tale [userpic]
Happy Birthday, Mello! + big, big sketchdump
by Tale (taleness)
at December 13th, 2010 (05:21 pm)

I come bearing a birthday sketch for Mello... and about fifteen other ones (game-related, comics, random atmosphere, blahblah) I've done for the fandom in the past few months! Please, do enjoy!

It's all almost exclusively Mello and Near, plus one Matt I've added for a good measure :D

x-posted to death_note , death_eyes  and mero_nia !

Mello/Near fic
by girly_james (girly_james)
at October 13th, 2010 (11:11 pm)

Title:The Domino Effect
Summary: The end of Kira has brought the world to silence. An unexpected murder, however,awakes the world once more. Countries are in an uproar. Near, serving as the new L, is asked to take the case. Following the philosophy of the old L, Near isn't readily to accept such a 'common' case in his eyes. A strange turn of events changes Near's mind about the case causing so much world unrest as he realizes who else might be involved.

Murder was always interesting...and so was Mello.

Rating:T, possibly M later on
Pairing(s): Slight Mello/Near (feelings grow overtime)
Theme(s): Murder Mystery/ Romance
Warnings: Horror/Gore, Intense sexual situations, Mild Language, and Violence.

Henk [userpic]
doujinshi question
by Henk (yue_blanche)
at September 19th, 2010 (11:28 pm)


as some of you maybe know the doujinshi-ka called tirol. she drew many doujinshis. also M x N
one of her works are California.

does anybody know where to find it?

I ve searched on ebay but the last sale was according to some pages three years ago.

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